A few of the Heroes, and their stories:

Earl L Sackett, Captain of the USS Canopus.  Wrote the History of Canopus and was awarded the Navy Cross and the Bronze Star.

Paul Edward Perry, Cox’n aboard USS Canopus.  Died in a Prisoner of War camp.

Kenneth Ray Wheeler, Supply Officer aboard USS Canopus.  Prisoner of War.

Ann Bernatitus, Navy Nurse at Corregidor.  Rode with Captain Sackett onboard USS Spearfish.

William Allard,  Seaman First Class from the USS Canopus, Attached to the Fourth Marines Naval Unit.

Earl Anderson,  Enlisted Sailor - part of the Oil King Gang onboard USS Canopus.  Read his own account of how they fought to protect their ship, they fought the enemy in the jungles of the Philippines, and how they fought to stay alive as prisoners of war in Japan.

Glenn Roy Landis,  Chief Boatswains Mate.  Check out the Canopus Asiatic Cruise book that he put together during the Canopus tour of Asia during the 1930s.


Stories of the Heroes