USS Spearfish (SS-190) was the last submarine to evacuate people before the fall of Corrigidor. Among its passengers were Captain Sackett and several nurses, including Ensign Ann Bernatitus.

Here is a copy of the Deck Log from USS Spearfish:


·  FM: Lt.Cmdr. Jerry Calenberg (SS)

·  Commanding Officer, (SS-190) USS Spearfish

·  TO: ComSubRon-7

·  CC: ComSubSoWesPac

·  DATE: March 25, 1942 [March Patrol Cycle-1]

·  RE: Patrol Report

·  --------------------------------------------------------------


·  Undertook Special Mission "The Rock", as per direction of ComSubSoWesPac, to Corregidor area, to evacuate sensitive personnel. Dark night surface excursion through multiple destroyer screens (6 or 7) to evacuate personnel in four lifeboats in Manila Bay, Cavite area and east of Lubang Island. Another submarine was present in Manila Bay area. Avoided submarine. Believed to be hostile. The USS SEAL was not seen. No sea explosions heard or seen. As ordered, avoided enemy patrols. Ran at full speed on the surface to pick up personnel; to race oncoming daylight and potential aircraft patrols. Upon completion of pick-up, lingered submerged near Lubang Island until one hour past sunset.

·  Then made a full speed surface dash, between the islands, to open seas.

·  Intelligence reported that the SPEARFISH avoided detection and attack by 26 ships and untold number of aircraft. Mission successful. Hoisted the broom. As per direction; proceeded independently to assigned patrol sectors.

·  --------------------------------------------------------------

·  Patrolling in assigned Sectors:

·  14 March 1942

·  Convoy 1. Comprising of a Small Freighter and a Standard Merchant Heading for Aparri. Torpedoed the Freighter bow to bow and close. The torpedoes at the Merchant ran under and/or prematured. With no guns on the Merchant; chased on the surface and gunned him down staying >2200 yards away. This lifted the `NO SINK' streak that has been plaguing the SPEARFISH.

·  Convoy 2. Multiple ships, no escorts, coming out of Aparri. At close range, nailed an Oil Tanker and ran submerged after a Converted Factory Ship. Finally sinking same.

·  With battery drained to less then half, and sunset an hour away. Called off the chase; the other ships are armed and zig zagging away at best speed and gaining range.

·  Five torpedoes left in the After Torpedo Room and a few shells for the deck gun.

·  15 March 1942

·  Convoy heading north from the west coast of the Philippines. Two ships.

·  Fired at very close range at a Standard Merchant - sank same. Fired one torpedo at a Troop Transport trailing the Merchant. Disabled the Transport. Chased on the surface to finish off with gunfire at a range of 2300 yards. Transport sank. Going home.

·  --------------------------------------------------------------


·  TDC: Auto

·  PATROL AREA: Special Mission - Corregidor personnel pick-up.

·  Philippine Sea Sectors - PH 5 & 6

·  SEAS: Moderate

·  WEATHER: Partly Cloudy

·  SUB: (SS-190) USS Spearfish CLASS: Sargo

·  PATROL TIME: 21 Days, REPAIR TIME: n/a Days

·  REALISM: 100% minus Fathometer.

·  --------------------------------------------------------------

·  SHIPS SUNK: Six Merchants

·  TONNAGE: 41,070 TONS



·  Small Freighter (1510) 20 37'N / 121 29'E Torpedo

·  Standard Merchant (11390) 20 42'N / 121 26'E Torp & Gun

·  Oil Tanker (3030) 20 29'N / 121 29'E Torpedo

·  Converted Factory Ship (3380) 20 27'N / 121 25'E Torpedo

·  Standard Merchant (13200) 20 27'N / 120 02'E Torpedo

·  Troop Transport (8560) 20 26'N / 120 02'E Torp & Gun

·  ---------------------------------------------------------------


·  It took me awhile to chase down the last Troop Transport. Noticed that the wounded Transport kept slowing down the longer it took to get there. Speed at time of gunnery directed toward him was 0.2 knots.

·  CASUALTY REPORT: Names & Rank/Ratings

·  Total: Zero

·  Wounded: n/a

·  Killed in Action: n/a

·  Respectfully;

·  Lt.Cmdr. Jerry Calenberg (SS)

·  /SEND/




USS Spearfish Log