323 Infantry
U. S. Army

In Memory

    T/4 Otto Hesselbarth
    CPL. Michael Valentino
    PFC. George Lopes
    PFC. Howard Dahms

Men of the 1st Platoon Co. A 710 TK died here 18 Oct. 1944 after hitting a land mine. Having saved two navy airmen, the tank, upon returning to fire into the Jap held caves, was hit.
Capt. H.W. Jones 1st Marine Div. was also killed.
Erected by
Veterans of the 710 Tank BN

                                                                   Dedicated 18 Oct. 1997


The First Marine Division Association

Department of Defense World War II Commemorative Commission
Rededicated this Memorial on the
50th Anniversary of the landing on Peleliu.
15 September 1994

"In Every Clime and Place
and Never Lost Our Nerve"

Medal of Honor

Reunion_043Corporal Lewis K. Bausell*
1st Battalion, 5th Marines - Washington DC

Private First Class Aurthur J Jackson
3rd Battalion, 7th Marines - Oregon

Private First Class Richard E. Kraus*
8th Amphibian Tractor Battalion - Minnesota

Private First Class John D. New*
2nd Battalion, 7th Marines - Alabama

Private First Class Wesley Phelps*
3rd Battalion, 1st Marines - Kentucky

Captain Everett P. Pope
1st Battalion, 1st Marines - Massachusetts

Private First Class Charles H. Roan*
2nd Battalion, 7th Marines - Texas

First Lieutenant Carlton R. Rouh
1st Battalion, 5th Marines - New Jersey


 * Killed in Action

In Memory of the Marines
Who Gave Their Lives in the Seizure
of Peleliu and Ngesebus Island
From The Japanese During The
Period of 15th September Through
18th October 1944

Your Brothers in Arms
First Marine Division
United States Marine Corps